Mini Kiosks Coca-Cola by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin

Mini Kiosks Coca-Cola by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin

To help promote the launch of a new tiny Coke can, Coca-cola and advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather berlin launched a brilliant campaign. They deployed and installed a series of miniature kiosks throughout five different major cities in Germany, the kiosks sold an average of 380 mini cans per day, which Ogilvy says is 278 percent more than a typical coke vending machine.

The small scale intervention included a pint-size vending machine, which also served to describe the the print campaign’s main motto: ‘it’s the little things in life that make us happy’. See video below:

Users getting mini cans from the pint-size vending machine.

netloid coca cola mini kiosks by ogilvy mather berlin1 Mini Kiosks Coca Cola by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin

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