22 Savage Vs 21 Savage: 50 Cent Might Put Together Boxing Match

A 21 Savage vs. 22 Savage bout is destined for the undercard of the Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy boxing match.

50 Cent shared his plans to book a fight between 21 Savage and the Atlanta rapper’s doppelganger following a conversation with boxing star Floyd Mayweather.

“I just got off the phone with champ, so I’ma give y’all an update,” 50 said. “We got a whole card now. We only had one fight. We had Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy, now we got… we tryna put together 21 Savage, 22 Savage. They gon’ fight for the name and then we only gonna have one savage.”

Hip-hop won’t make up the entire fight card though. 50 also claimed that he was setting up a bout between former NBA players Tim Thomas and Kenyon Martin, whose beef has bubbled up once again.

“From the NBA, we got Tim Thomas and Kenyon Martin,” he continued. “They got an old beef they wanna settle. Between me and you, they done ran into each other on the street a couples times. Niggas got mushed and all kinds of shit happened. So, they really need to go ahead and get that shit off they chest.”

There is still no date set for this fight card, but it is quickly becoming a reality instead of a joke. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking it serious as both men have linked up with elite boxers for training.

Soulja Boy will have the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in his corner while Brown will be trained by former world champion Adrien Broner.

After 22 Savage challenged the Atlanta MC to a fight, 21 seemed to respond to the nonsense with a succinct tweet:

they wanna see you dead or kill somebody and get life If god bless you and give you a way out USE IT!!!

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