23-Year-Old Woman Stabbed Roommate Over 200 times in Homicide and Abduction case

A woman accused of killing her roommate and abducting four children stabbed the victim more than 220 times, according to court documents.

Kiara Ivette Ciares-Quinones, 23, was arrested on a preliminary charge of murder earlier this week. On Wednesday, Indianapolis Metropolitan police were called to an apartment in the 4500 block of North Mission Drive to investigate a stabbing.

A caller told investigators she found a body wrapped in blankets inside the apartment. When police arrived, they found a woman lying dead on the floor partially wrapped in a cover, court documents said. Officers saw a bloody knife and a broken pot with blood on it.

Friends at the Springs of Life Church, along with prosecutors, identified the victim as Vilma Soriano.

“I know her and I feel like I will always know her because she’s always going to be in my heart,” friend Nimia Tabora said.

Tabora and others told FOX59 they were shocked by the crime, especially the brutal details revealed Friday.

In the paperwork, a witness said Ciares told her she killed her roommate and then took off with two of her children and two children belonging to a third roommate. A friend of the victim said she’d come to pick her up for church and encountered the suspect, who said “I killed her” while she exited the apartment with the four children. Ciares then left in her Honda Civic, taking the children with her.

Police found the vehicle in the 6000 block of Madison Avenue on the south side. Officers took Ciares to the Homicide Office and transported the children to the City-County Building. The children were not hurt.

Ciares told investigators she’d thrown hot water on the victim and then stabbed her several times.

An autopsy showed Soriano suffered 224 stab wounds to the chest, neck, face, shoulder, back and head. During a search of Ciares’ car, investigators found the identification card and papers belonging to Soriano.

Pastor Fernando D’Oliveira said Soriano had suffered setbacks that brought her to Indianapolis alone, where she thrived at the church.

“She was always helping. She was a generous woman, very sweet lady,” D’Oliveira said.

The church planned a special prayer service this Sunday for Soriano.

“She was just always so sweet, I can’t imagine somebody who’d want to harm her that way,” Tabora said.

Ciares remained in the Marion County Jail, where she declined a request for an interview.

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