25-year-old Oregon Woman Shot Dead After Fleeing Police During Traffic Stop. Family Wants Answers

The Oregon family of Jacklynn Ford, is grieving and asking for answers after a police officer shot the 25-year-old woman to death in the head and chest during a traffic stop late Friday, May 9. Jacklynn Ford was shot and killed just after 10 p.m. after fleeing her minivan during a stop in Salem, a city about an hour south of Portland.

Salem Police said Officer Trevor Morrison, a 12-year veteran, pulled Ford over on Watson Ave. near Alameda St. and called for backup before Ford fled and the foot chase began. Mark Sharp, who lives nearby, told local KOIN 6 he saw Ford struggling with a cop before several shots rang out. “That’s when I hear a man’s voice yelling, ‘Stop, stop, stop,'” Sharp said.

“I hear ‘pop-pop-pop,'” he said. “I saw him standing over her and smoke was rising up from the firearm.”
Ford, who was hit in the head and the chest, was treated at the scene but died later at Salem Hospital.
Neither Morrison nor his police dog, Baco, was injured, cops said. A gun was found at the site of the bloody encounter, cops said.

Sharp told KOIN 6 he saw the dog “dragging (Ford) across the grass” before other officers arrived.
Salem police said Oregon State Police and the Marion County District Attorney were investigating the incident. Morrison was placed on administrative leave, which was standard procedure, cops said.
It wasn’t Ford’s first run-in with the law.

Her lengthy rap sheet included busts for meth, burglary, weapons possession and stalking, KOIN 6 reported.
Her mother, Crystal Ford Knop-Hads, admitted Ford had some troubles, but said she didn’t deserve her grim fate. “I want people to know my daughter Jackie may have made some bad choices in her life but that doesn’t take away from the fact she was a wonderful caring person,” Knop-Hads told the station. Loved ones vented their outrage and sorrow on Ford’s Facebook page on Saturday and Sunday.

“Under that tough exterior, you were sweet, loving, kind, caring and compassionate,” one friend wrote. “I believe you are in Heaven and smiling with no worries.” Knop-Hads told KOIN 6 she was still waiting for details from police about why the officer fired on her daughter. “I just want to know what happened. They won’t tell me anything,” the grieving mom said. “To me, it doesn’t seem right. I mean, how she was a threat to this officer?”

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