58-year-old New Yorker Gets Tattoo on His Eyeball

A man has undergone a rare procedure to get a tattoo on his eyeball.

William Watson, 58, of New York, had ink injected into his eye after living with an all-white iris following an injury when he was young.

As a child Mr Watson was struck in the face by a ball.

The incident left his eye a cloudy hue which drew unwanted attention, he said.

So the Madison Square Garden worker decided to undergo the hour-long cosmetic procedure – which does not improve the condition of the damaged eye but creates the appearance of a normal pupil.

Dr Emil Chynn of Park Ave SafeSight and CJ Pento was drafted in to ink up Mr Watson’s eye.

After the tattoo Mr Watson said: ‘It felt like someone was rubbing it – that’s about it. It went smoothly, no nothing whatsoever. It was nice.’

And amazingly, after a few weeks of healing, his pupils looked nearly identical.

He continued: ‘I can’t believe how much better I look on the outside and how much better I feel inside.

‘Dr Chynn gave me a way to normality I didn’t even know existed six months ago. I feel much more confidence in myself.’

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