A U.S Marine Harrier Jet Crashes In South of Phoenix, Arizona.

A U.S. Marine Corps pilot escaped after his Harrier jet crashed south of Phoenix, Arizona, ABC 15 is reported.

The jet went down around 1:25 p.m. local time in an unpopulated area, The Denver Channel reported. The aircraft reportedly had engine trouble before the pilot ejected safely. The pilot was from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, according to The Fairfield Citizen.

A Gila River Indian Community official says the pilot was uninjured except for a cut on the nose. The pilot was found by Gila River police about 2 miles southwest of the crash site.

Spokesman Mikhail Sundust said the aircraft experienced engine trouble. The jet went down near Vah Ki and Wetcamp roads, he said.

Air15 video showed the aircraft in pieces and completely burned out. It was seen smoldering in the desert area with a long burn track from the crash.

A 1.5 mile perimeter has been set up around the site to make sure it’s safe. A Gila River Fire Department has a hazardous materials team on standby.

The Department of Emergency Services is on the way to investigate and the FAA will also be involved in the investigation.

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