AJ Lee Nude Images Leaked From The Fappening

AJ Lee is the latest victim of the fappening internet leaks. The news was reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and is currently trending all over twitter. The image will likely be removed from social media, with Twitter having a policy to delete all fappening related posts. However, as of Thursday morning, what purports to be the image is here and here.

Some fans are already questioning if this is actually AJ. The face looks a bit different, but then again, she is posing with a tilted angle. There’s also the hip tatoo, something which we haven’t seen on WWE television. However, the tattoo appears to be under the hipline, so that could be why we’ve never noticed it before.

Many of the actual fappening threads are being closed down, so finding the AJ photo via a conventional google search is difficult. While it is likely that this photo was released as part of the fappening, the actual validity of it is open to debate. Some fans are saying it’s an old fake that did the rounds last year.

Other fans are convinced it’s the WWE Diva. There’s no real way of knowing for sure, but if this is legitimate, AJ and her husband CM Punk are going to be very upset over it. The WWE will also see it as somewhat of a PR headache, an unfortunate incident to befall their Diva’s Champion.

Lee’s involvement in the fappening follows on from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton being leaked. Wrestlers Melina and Velvet Sky have also been leaked. The issue could become a major disaster for WWE if more Divas end up exposed.

The hacker is getting these images by hacking into cloud technology, allowing the culprit to access photo uploads of the person’s cell phone.

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