Alexa Unit Hacked Into A Big Mouth Billy Bass

The future is here, and it’s terrifying.

Taking the plunge to get an Amazon Echo can be a big deal for some people.

Sure, we’re all used to having Siri on our phones, but having a robot around the house that’s constantly listening for you to deliver its next task is a bit weird and can take some getting used to.

But one man made the experience even weirder. No one will ever be prepared for this hacked Alexa.

Developer Brian Kane managed to modify his Amazon Echo and a Big Mouth Billy Bass (you know, one of those creepy wall-mounted singing fish that were popular 20 years ago) so that when Alexa speaks, the fish turns and its mouth moves.

In the clip Kane asks Alexa the weather, and the fish’s head immediately faces the camera and starts moving as Alexa responds with the local weather for Cambridge.

While it’s unclear exactly how Kane pulled this off, it’s probable that he used Amazon’s API, which allows developers to use the Alexa Voice Service with third-party hardware. Kane’s original post was even shared by a Facebook page dedicated to Alexa Developers.

Here’s a normal Big Mouth Billy Bass in action, in case you need a reminder.

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