Pregnant Alicia Keys Posts Nude Photo To Promote #WeAreHere Movement

Award winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys posted a nude photo of her naked and pregnant belly with peace sign painted on the baby bump to draw eyes to a charity movement.

The peace sign painted on the 33-year-old’s baby bump was representative of the #WeAreHere movement, a charitable campaign. In the image, she gives the camera a gaze of intent with her braided and beaded hair falling to one side.

She has explained that since last month’s news of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and recent events in the Middle East, she has started to consider her role in the world on a more serious level.

Speaking to New York Times, she said that a friend recently asked her ‘why are you here,’ and her immediate thought was: ‘Nobody has asked me that question before.

“We are here, which is also the name of Alicia’s latest song , is a way for her to do her part in making a difference in the world.”

The aim is to bring people together and help people find ways to make an impact rather than just contemplate the atrocities in the world and not do anything about it.

“I want to gather an army,” she said, added that the reason for posting the naked baby bump image was to pull eyes to her cause.




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