Anthony Weiner Sexual Relationship With ‘Schoolgirl’

Anthony Weiner made in a month-long sexual relationship online with a girl of 15 years, during which he stated that he asked her to dress up in costumes ‘schoolgirl’ for him in a messaging application video and pressed to participate in ‘can report exclusively fantasies of rape’

The girl, whose name is being withheld by because she is a minor, said the online relationship began last January while she was a sophomore in high school and before the Weiner’s wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, announced that ended his marriage.

Weiner was aware that the girl was a minor, according to interviews with the girl and her father as well as a cache of messages online.

In online messages, Weiner, 51, sent photos with naked torso of himself to the minor, repeatedly called her “baby” and congratulated his body, and said he woke up “hard” after thinking about it, according to copies of the talks.

In a particularly lewd message, he told the teenager: “I wish tight bust p *** and so hard and so often that would leak and limping for a week ‘.

When confronted with the claims, Weiner did not deny the exchange of flirtatious messages ” with the teenager. He declined to comment on details of the allegations on the record, but did not provide copies of two emails to the girl sent maintains that raised questions about his claims. publishes below.

He gave a statement to in which reads, in part:. “I have repeatedly shown terrible judgment on people who have contacted online and the things I’ve sent I’m remorseful and sad for I hurt. ‘

The revelation comes just weeks after Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin announced that they had separated in the wake of another controversy sexting.

In August, the New York Post reported on sexual chats between Weiner and a 40-year-old, during which the former congressman sent his provocative shirtless pictures of him while her four-year-old was curled up beside her on the bed.

Weiner has faced a series of scandals sexting since 2011, when he was forced to resign from Congress after their sexual messages online with a college student were revealed.

Another sexting scandal in 2013, involving 22-year-old Sydney hides, derailed his candidacy for mayor of New York. In the course of that scandal, he unveiled its alias Carlos Danger.

Former legislator has faced scrutiny about online chats with children in the past.

In 2011, he admitted to Twitter send five messages to a 17-year-old but said the messages were explicit or modesty. ” The family of the girl told the New York Times that the conversation seemed to be harmless. to the family of 15-year-old girl approached earlier this month after receiving information about his relationship with Weiner.

Although the girl said she did not want to press charges because he believes his relationship with Weiner was consensual, she and her father agreed to sit for an interview because of concerns that Weiner can sexting with other underage girls.

“If there is anyone out there who has a similar story that may arise, perhaps use the example of my daughter to have the courage to come forward,” said his father, whose name also is being withheld to protect the identity of the girl.

He explains that did not contact the authorities to inform Weiner because his daughter asked him not to. “I accepted because his mental health is in danger and I did not want to aggravate anything mentally is going on. ‘

Through interviews and a collection of online messages from applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Kik, and Confide, has reconstructed a timeline of Weiner’s relationship with the minor.

The girl first came to Weiner on the afternoon of January 23, 2016, when he realized his Twitter followers allowed no contact with him through direct private messages. She said she was interested in politics and had heard of sexting scandals, and was curious to see how it was.

It was clear from the messages she was encouraging Weiner to participate with her in a sexual way. She said she did not consider Weiner her boyfriend, but he thought the relationship was a “romantic” one.

She acknowledged during interviews he had developed an obsession with Weiner, and sought him out on Twitter in January to try to write a book about it. He said he continued to write the book as their relationship developed.

‘Why me message [in January]?’ the girl wrote in an email to Weiner last week. ‘You- I was studying for a book, of course. You were my Hannibal Lecter.

“I wanted to know what made the sign. In conversation, I pretended not to know everything about you. I do not want to appear suspicious’.

Weiner he also said: “I was obsessed with you.

Weiner quickly texted her back, and began to talk about the big snowstorms that had hit New York and the home state of the child.

Messages that began as a small talk, and during the conversation the girl noticed that Weiner had also found his profile on Facebook and sent him a friend request.

‘Where do you go to school?’ Weiner asked.

“You’re kinda sorta beautiful,” Weiner said, before midnight ask why she was not with a boyfriend that night.

“My father is overprotective,” said the girl. ‘[] Grooms could not be at home this afternoon.

The next morning, she woke up and found a private message from Weiner on Facebook asking how the night had gone.

‘How did you sleep?’ the girl asked.

‘Not good. He woke up very, uh, anxious, “he replied.

He continued to send their flirtatious messages throughout the day, saying it was ” she imagining when I was in the shower and saying she should get a lot of attention from men in the gym.

At one point, Weiner said he knew that the conversation could be a problem.

“[S] i someone might have the wrong impression that we say goodbye now,” Weiner said. However, the conversation did not stop.

Instead, he told the girl who could talk about other chat applications that will not be supervised by their parents.

They began to speak with Kik an instant messaging application, where Weiner used the pseudonym “T dog. ‘He sent photos of himself shirtless, including a picture of him in a hot tub that gave the face.

‘Maybe eliminate that. Jeje “he wrote after sending it.

In many of the messages, Weiner trips to the gym and love of hockey, and school activities girl and permission of his newly acquired student were discussed. However, in several of them, Weiner led the conversation toward sex.

‘I thought this morning. Duro “he wrote in one.

The girl asked if she was the reason.

‘Yes. And the solution, “said Weiner, adding a picture emoji water jets.

“Your body is crazy,” he said at another point.

When she told him that Weiner had just come home from the gym, he wrote again, ‘hard. Again’.

Several of the messages are related to time to talk on Skype, an application video messaging when the girl’s parents were asleep or away from home finding.

“Skype may have to be one thing tomorrow,” the girl wrote in a message. “If I skyped ID night have to play music as we have spoken to my parents could not hear me speak and would have to keep the lights off.

“No problem baby,” said Weiner. “At another point. When it is easier ‘.

The girl said she and Weiner began to talk on Skype a few days in the relationship.

The son [Weiner] was in the tub at the right down now, “he said.” So your child is yelling to see how he was, and then he asked me to take off my clothes, and just started saying these things really sex. ‘

Then Weiner sent a message with emoji eye heart, writing ‘I could see his body “and indicating that he would like to keep talking through Skype.

She said the talks became more explicit over time, with Weiner allegedly asking her to undress and encouraging her to masturbate on video chat.

She said Weiner would not get totally naked, but was usually no shirt and boxers use.

“He told me to say his name as I was playing myself, ‘said the girl.’ He asked me to take off my clothes.

‘Just have the shirt. Sometimes it grabs its lower region, but that was it, “he added.

Although Weiner not undress in the video, which alleges that he sent nude photos of himself when SEXT on a messaging application.

The application, called Confide, is designed to confidentiality, and automatically deletes messages and images after the first time they read or consulted.

However, the girl took pictures of some of the messages and images since last February and March, he shared with

However, she said she never mentioned relations with other underage girls.

“Actually, I asked him if he spoke with other minors and did not say I did not know, which is the risk that kind of decision when talking to women on the Internet,” he said.

the girl’s father said he was shocked to learn 51 years old, Weiner had been talking to her daughter through Skype.

“I could not stand that,” he said. “That really was the worst part I think, was to know that inappropriate behavior was available for my daughter to this man. ‘

He said that if I ever met Weiner: “There would be no word No words would hope never come into contact with him I’ll be in jail if I contact him.”…

While the girl said she has no regrets about the relationship, his father said the experience has changed him.

‘He’s gone through some depression, we have sought advice and has been able to help her work through it, “he said.

“She’s a bright girl, very intelligent, so this has dulled a little light that was before this … It’s heartbreaking to see someone take that away. ‘

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