Anthrax Infected Found In Southern Indiana Cattle Farm

The Indiana Board of Animal Health has issued an advisory after one bull on a southern Indiana beef cattle farm was infected with anthrax.

A veterinarian collected tissue samples for laboratory testing after the animal died unexpectedly. Only a single, mixed-breed bull died; other animals in the herd have not shown signs of infection, Fox59 reported.

The infected animal was incinerated on-site, and the farm was placed under a 30-day quarantine and observation order by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH).

According to the BOAH, this situation does not pose a public health threat. Humans can contract anthrax from animals, but the risk is low. Only people who had direct contact with the infected animal are at risk of infection.

It is very uncommon for livestock to contract anthrax in Indiana, and there is no record of this disease ever being present in the state prior to this incident.

The anthrax may have been contracted from contaminated hay or flies that bite and spread the spores.

That being said, the BOAH wants livestock and horse owners to be aware of signs of anthrax contamination and to contact a veterinarian at the first sign of abnormalities.

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