Apocalyptic Photos By Seph Lawless Capture Abandoned Metro North Mall In Kansas City

KANSAS CITY – It is one of the creepiest malls in America with its eerie lighting, shattered ceilings and deserted shop fronts.

But these apocalyptic images captured by photographer Seph Lawless could possibly be the final look inside Missouri’s Metro North Mall in Kansas City.

The abandoned shopping mall is now just weeks away from being demolished.

It was built back in 1976 and operated for almost 40 years. The Metro North Mall closed its doors in April 2014 and has sat abandoned ever since.

The now dilapidated mall is home to decaying escalators and derelict shop fronts.

Lawless has previously documented the decaying beauty of abandoned malls in Ohio for his book Autopsy of America: The Death of a Nation .

He said the Missouri shopping center was ‘by far the creepiest mall I’ve been in.’

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