Apple Rumour: IPhone 8 Have WIRELESS Charging

Apple is expected to unveil the most radical redesign of its flagship handset so far for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary in 2017.

It is rumoured there will be a curved edge-to-edge OLED display in one model, alongside two models that have standard LCD displays.

Now the latest feature experts are predicting the iPhone 8 will have is wireless charging.

Foxconn Technology Group in New Taipei City, Taiwan is making wireless charging modules to go with Apple’s next iPhone, due for release in 2017, according to an industry source familiar with the matter, Nikkei has reported.

‘But whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple’s updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on,’ the source told Nikkei.

It is not clear whether Apple would offer a wireless charging plate, along the same lines as the one made by Samsung for its Galaxy S smartphones.

But a patent application, filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office in September showed images of a round charging device with a concave top, similar to the plastic wireless charger used by the Apple Watch.

The patent was first filed in late 2015 but was only just published last month.

While the patent is largely focused on brushing and polishing tools for metallic cylindrical and contoured devices, it also refers to an ‘inductive charging station’, notes Patently Apple.

It appears that the polishing tools are being developed specifically for a wireless charging station with a metal finish, which would match the iPhone.

‘In describing how the tools would work, the application includes multiple illustrations of a charging station used to provide electrical current to another device via inductive power transmission,’ notes Mac Rumours.

‘An inductive transmitter coil wraps around a metal core and is designed to pair with a receiver coil and charge the battery in the electronic device’.

Previous rumours have suggested new MacBook computers could include a wireless charging module on which the device can be placed to power it up.

Last week it was revealed Apple is set to launch three versions of the iPhone 8 next year, including a new 5inch handset.

Citing a supply chain source, Nikkei said Apple will release the three iPhones in the following  5.5 inches, 5 inches, and 4.7 inches (14cm, 12.7cm and 11.9cm).

Apple recently killed the headphone jack and its next victim could be the home button, according to previous rumours.

A patent awarded last month describes technology that is capable of scanning fingerprints almost anywhere on the screen of an iOS device – making the home button obsolete.

The latest application suggests using a special lens behind the display that connects the screen and sensors, allowing the device to capture an accurate print reading.

Rumours of Apple doing away with the iconic home button are not groundbreaking – many believed the firm would leave it out of the iPhone 7 design.

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