Caroline Flack Quit Drugs After Post A Photo On Instagram

Caroline Flack has been forced to defend a picture posted on Instagram following claims drug paraphernalia was visible in the shot.

The TV host, 36, shared the image in which she sat at a table next to what appears to be a rolled up bank note alongside a bank card and a pot of Vaseline – although she defiantly took to Twitter on Tuesday to prove to her 1.91million followers that the ‘bank note’ was in fact a pen.

After some of her Instagram fans appeared to suggest the contents of the table were suspicious, she quickly hit back saying the rolled-up note was in fact a crayon before a friend told Now magazine she ‘panicked’ over the image.

As Caroline posted the photograph on Instagram, one beady-eyed user penned: ‘Rolled up note there, Caroline…. and a card.’ before she swiftly hit back: ‘It’s a child’s crayon lol.’

A photo posted by Caroline ❤️ (@carolineflack) on

Since the image was posted, a friend of the star told Now magazine: ‘Caroline uploaded that picture of herself. As soon as people started commenting and suggesting people were taking drugs…

‘Despite the fact that the picture clearly shows a pen on the table, she panicked and started deleting the comments. Caroline is at a turning point in her career and she does not want to be associated with illegal drugs in any way.’

On Tuesday, a defiant Caroline posted an image of the pen in question while adding the caption: ‘It’s a pen you twits’ before writing: ‘Thank god no one asked what I use the Vaseline for … MY LIPS PEOPLE ,MY LIPS’.

A representative for Caroline declined to comment on the story.

In contradiction accusations of hard-partying, earlier this year, Caroline spoke to Your Fitness magazine about her body overhaul and staying in shape. She revealed she decided to shape up for herself and her own health.

‘I’d hate to think I did this for anyone else. The truth is I did this for me ­to make myself feel the very best I could and this is the way I decided to do it.

‘I don’t like to weigh myself. But it was never really about losing weight,’ the TV star reveals.

The key to her new look is cutting out all sugar, with Caroline adding: ‘I’m consuming more calories now than ever before, they’re just the right calories.

‘I’m always starving in the morning so I eat a lot for breakfast it’s usually scrambled or poached eggs, bacon, avocado, mushrooms or sometimes even steak.

‘What made the biggest difference to how I looked and felt was cutting out all sugar.’

‘I work out three times a week and used to feel really intimidated entering the free weights area but now I feel comfortable. I’ve been lifting heavy weights for 14 weeks and I haven’t become any bigger.’

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