Hyperrealistic Paintings by Kyle Barnes

Kyle Barnes is an artist we are getting into today, and just randomly came across some of his process shots…

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Stunning Detailed Portraits of Bathing People By New Jersey-based Artist, Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks is a New Jersey-based artist who’s most famous for her stunning hyper realistic paintings. Although they seem like…

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An Adorable Guide To The Dogs Of The World By Geographic Origin By Artist Lili Chin

Artist Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings has created an adorable series of illustrations called Dogs Of The World. The vibrant guide features over 200…

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Unbelievable Hyper-Realistic Pastel Drawings On Boards Of Wood By Ivan Hoo Art

Singapore based artist Ivan Hoo Art exudes pure talent. He started out looking at the works of season artist. Today,…

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Amazing HyperReal Drawings Of Eyes By Jose Vergara (aka Redosking)

Jose Vergara (aka Redosking) is an impressively talented hyperrealist who is quickly transforming our idea of colored pencils and their…

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