Cher Lloyd Clears Up Cheryl Clash On UK T.V.

She’s back in the UK after two years of living the high life in Los Angeles.

And Cher Lloyd unveiled her glamorous Hollywood makeover when she appeared on Thursday’s installment of Loose Women, marking her first UK television interview since 2014.

The 23-year-old singer, who rose to fame on The X Factor in 2010, stunned viewers with her polished new image – with fans taking to Twitter in their droves to share how much she looked like her former mentor Cheryl.

The resemblance between the pair was striking from the moment Cher walked onto the set, her glossy locks styled in perfect waves and her pretty features highlighted with deftly applied make-up, as well as a sparkly new set of teeth.

Cher modelled a boho chic, off-the-shoulders top and a black choker necklace, looking for all the world like she’d raided the former Girls Aloud star’s wardrobe.

Omg @loosewomen Cher Lloyd is the double of Cheryl !!!

And the resemblance didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, who were stunned by the uncanny likeness.

One posted, ‘Omg Cher Lloyd is the double of Cheyrl,’ while another queried, ‘Cher Lloyd or Cheyrl?? Can anyone spot the difference?’

Another flattering comparison branded her a mix between Cheryl and fellow brunette beauty Michelle Keegan, while the social media site was awash with messages about how stunning she looks now, including, ‘Think I fancy Cher Lloyd’.

However, some messages were less kind, with one tweet joking, ‘Cher Lloyd really does think she’s Cheryl’.

The former teen star – who was just 16 when she appeared on Simon Cowell’s flagship singing show – chatted about how much her life has changed over the last six years during her Loose Women interview.

Despite rumours of a rift between her and Cheyrl, Cher revealed there was no hard feelings and she would love to meet up with her former mentor.

Cher ruffled feathers a few years ago when she revealed the Fight For This Love singer hadn’t kept in touch with her, before taking a jibe about her being unable to sing live.

The star insisted: ‘I had got married and she tweeted me. And when she got married, I tweeted her.

‘It would be nice to bump into her. There was never really an issue, it was when I was 16 so…’

Cher tied the knot with her teenage sweetheart Craig Monk three years ago and the pair jetted off to LA for a promotional tour – but never moved back.

She recalled: ‘I didn’t know I was going to live there, I went over because my song took off. We had two suitcases each, we went over for a promo tour.

‘We ended up staying! We have all of our stuff in a storage locker. I’m so excited to look in it – it’s been about two years!’

Proving how much she had matured over the years, Cher also touched upon her cocky demeanour on The X Factor, admitting that it was hard to be exposed to fame at such a young age.

She explained: ‘I was stroppy. I thought I knew everything. [I thought] I’ve just left school, I’m a big girl now, I know what I want to do, and no ones going to tell me any different!’

The Loose Women panellists were impressed with Cher’s glossy make-over, in particular her professional make-up, a stark contrast to the look she sported back in the day.

Cher said she had no regrets – except for her over-plucked eyebrows.

‘The main thing for me was experimenting. As a young girl, we’ve all made make-up mistakes I’m sure’, she confessed.

‘The difference from being 16 years old to 23 is huge. And to be doing it in front of everyone… I had eyebrows up here. I’d plucked them all off until I had one strand of hair!’

Cher’s new single, Activated, is her first release since signing a new deal with Universal Music.

Her second studio album Sorry I’m Late failed to set the charts alight, but proved popular in the US.

The singer’s newest release sees her experimenting with an edgier sound as well as her more sophisticate image – and she confessed it was the first time she had creative input in her music.

She revealed: ‘I’ve gotten older. I feel like I’ve got a bit more right to. When I was 16 I wasn’t experienced enough. I’ve learned a lot from the people.’

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