Chipotle’s Twitter Account Was Hacked. Here Are The Details.

Hackers took hold of the official Chipotle twitter account Saturday night and filled social media with unfiltered racist tweets. Several intrepid Twitter followers caught the action as it happened. Careful folks, because there’s loads of offensive, NFSW language below:

The true nature of the hack was later discovered, it looks like the hacker(s) compromised the DNS of Chipotle and reset their password. Allowing emails send to the Twitter account to be directed to the hackers mail server.

Early Sunday morning, Chipotle’s social media team finally took control of the Twitter account back from the hackers and issued a public apology:

The company also issued a statement, saying, “Our Twitter account was hijacked overnight for about two hours during which a series of offensive tweets was posted to the account. We apologize for the nature of the posts that were made during that time, and we are now conducting an investigation to try to determine what happened and who might have been involved.”

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