Designer Imagines Signs from The Future

Designer Fernando Barbella, like many of us, thinks about the future a lot, he imagines what the signage of the not-so-far-away future might look like, implemented with warnings and disclaimers about what he visualizes will be ubiquitous technologies in our society.

As these advancements rapidly develop, the graphics that supply messages to us — whether commercial or cultural — begin to change, realized in the public and urban landscape.

From drones to jetpacks, the gadgets are eerily interpreted on parking, supermarket and airport signs, demonstrating how these high-tech devices will pervade our everyday life.

‘Keep left lane free for driverless cars‘, reads a traffic light, acknowledging that these types of automobiles might soon be commonplace; ‘please turn off all kind of computer brains (or chips)‘, details a sign at an airport security check-in, a more frightening example of the ways in which technologies can dramatically change our society.

This gets us excited about the future.









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