‘Doctor Strange’ Gets A Mind-Bending TV Spot Showing Off Its Originality In A Tired Comic-Movie World

You know the drill by now — the latest movie to expand Marvel’s universe comes out, transitioning us, the faithful moviegoer and lover of comics to Marvel’s next phase.

The movie will feature a singular hero, have Easter Eggs that point to the expanded universe, and by the end, maybe Tony Stark will show up. This, of course, will raise hype levels because all of these superstar actors and superstar comic characters will eventually meet up and share screen time before saving the day/world/universe.

There’s no doubt Doctor Strange will follow much of that formula, but unlike the upcomingSpider-Man: Homecoming, Benedict Cumberbatch’s role as the multiverse-bendingDoctor Strange truly looks like an original outing.

The tropes will be there, it’s an origin story after all, but judging by this TV spot, we’ll be going on a ride that shifts the stakes for the Avengers and takes the battle from the streets and into the ether. It’s a welcome change, because frankly, everything was getting a little tired.

Now we get to see a whole different side of this universe on the way to the Infinity War. It seems a little more cerebral while being everything we love and can get behind in a Marvel movie. Benedict Cumberbatch is cool too.

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