EastEnders Teases Max Branning’s Revenge As It Reveals Its First Christmas Spoilers

Max Branning is about to make his long-awaited return to Albert square.

EastEnders bosses have confirmed that the fan favourite is about to make a comeback on the soap in an upcoming Christmas storyline.

Fans will remember actor Jake Woods took a year-long break away from the soap last year when Max was convicted for the murder of Lucy Beale.

Since then, we found out the truth about Lucy’s death – which was that her brother Bobby was the real killer.

After Bobby confessed Max was freed. He then sent a letter to the Beale family warning that he wouldn’t forget what happened and left the square.

Fans have been questioning what the businessman has been up to since his shock exit.

So much has changed since Max was last in Walford, with Jane now in a wheelchair, Lauren moving on with Steven and Abi struggling on her own.

With a number of shocking events planned on the soap during the festive season, we’re sure Max’s return will add to the drama!

Will Max be a changed man prepared to leave the past behind him, or will he seek revenge for taking the blame for Lucy Beale’s death?

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