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Eddie Long Weight Loss Brings Death Concerns

More than two months ago, Bishop Eddie Long and his reduced weight brought concerns about his health.

The evidence of Eddie’s weight loss is apparent in recent photos and the video below. According to Facebook, 2,700 people are talking about the keywords “Eddie Long” on Facebook — with more than 33,000 people talking about “Eddie Long weight loss” via Facebook’s search engine.

Long’s weight loss is shocking, because those who know Long — or have seen Bishop Long in person — remember that Eddie has long had a fondness for wearing muscle shirts and showing off his muscular physique. To see a weight loss on Long that has left Bishop Eddie gaunt and drawn is shocking indeed.

As seen in the video above, Long’s weight loss was apparent. As reported by BET, Eddie had at one point been hospitalized during the midst of the weight loss.

Eddie spoke about being healed in the video, but didn’t address the source of the illness or condition causing Long’s weight loss.

As such, rumors began to spread on October 22, Saturday, across the web about Eddie’s weight loss.

Those rumors attributed Eddie’s weight loss to an illness that had caused Eddie to die at age 63 — but those rumors were never confirmed by Long’s organization.

Long’s weight loss can be seen in photos like the one below, posted three days ago to Bishop Eddie’s Instagram account.

Long looks nearly unrecognizable due to the weight loss, as Long calls himself a proud dad in the post, and writes about being a Christmas tag team with his son.

Long’s son — who can be seen in the Instagram photo below from the account “I am Edward Long” — appears with Eddie in another photo that shows off his shocking weight loss.

The weight loss only begs more questions from those searching for more information about the elder Long, as well as those praying for Eddie’s health and well-being.

No gift could compare to the blessing of being able to co-minister the gospel with my father on Christmas Day. Life, and a life in Christ with the ones that you love is greatest gift of all. #DontStopKeepGoing https://soundcloud.com/edward-long-13/generations ?cred: https://photosbysamjones.com

A photo posted by ED (@iamedwardlong) on

Meanwhile, a plethora of comments are being posted online about Eddie’s weight loss, with people wondering exactly what illness has caused Long to lose so much weight.

As seen in the photo above from 2010, Long’s weight from six years ago can be compared to his massive weight loss in 2016.

Many people are commenting that Eddie did not need to lose a lot of weight to begin with — so the weight loss on his frame appears to be quite massive. It has not been confirmed why Long has lost weight.

Christmas tag team ministry with my son @iamedwardlong this morning at @newbirthmbc #ProudDad

A photo posted by Bishop Eddie Long (@bishopeddielong) on

Bishop Long is receiving comments like the ones below on social media about his weight loss. Rumors about the source of Long’s weight loss are running rampant online.

Alicia Whiteon: “Wow…. May Gods’s healing hands be on him. He lost a whole person…..150 pounds when he really did not need to lose any weight. Plus he used to be into working out and lifting.”

: “For the ignorant folks: Gay people die of things OTHER THAN AIDS. Especially with the advances in treatments for those with the virus. Like really.”

Sabrina Green: “Naww it is not due to raw vegan diet????”


Maureen Hinds: “Come on please we will continue to pray for you only God knows the truth.”

: “OMG, that is not a healthy look, praying for healing for him in Jesus name.”

: “He slimmed down by eating fruits, seeds, and veggies… he said that it helped his high blood pressure.”

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