Fox News Host Anna Kooiman Suggests The AsiaAir Flight Went Missing Because Of The Metric System

Fox News host Anna Kooiman has drawn criticism from around the internet after speculating on air what could have caused the disappearance of AsiaAir Flight QZ8501.

The flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore went missing early this morning over the Java Sea, shortly after the pilot asked for a change in altitude due to severe weather.

Fox News co-host Anna Kooiman interviewed former FAA spokesperson Scott Brenner about the search for the missing flight Sunday morning, asking the airline industry insider whether foreign pilots were at a disadvantage since they were trained using the metric system.

‘Even when we think about temperature, it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius,’ Kooiman said. ‘It’s kilometers or miles. You know, everything about their training could be similar, but different.’

Her statement has drawn several responses from Twitter:

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