Gabe Rygaard Die In Car Crash In Port Angeles

PORT ANGELES – In shocking news today, Gabe Rygaard of the hit show Ax Men has died in a car wreck. Fans are really shocked by this news that is just now coming out. KOMO News shared the details about what happened to Gabe Ryggard.

He is also known as a former Clallam County commissioner candidate. The wreck that took the life of Gabe happened at 9:22 a.m. Friday involving three vehicles on U. S. Highway 101, a quarter-mile east of Laird Road, west of Port Angeles.

After speculation, Gabe’s father Craig confirmed that his son did die in the crash today. Clallam Fire District No. 2 Assistant Chief Dan Huff reported that the driver of a Ford Bronco died at Olympic Medical Center. This was due to injuries from the wreck, but so far a lot of details about what happened are not coming out. There were three different vehicles and seven different people in the wreck. Everyone else just had minor injuries.

The show Ax Men aired on History and was recently canceled. His family-owned Rygaard Logging Inc. was a big part of this show. Fans were really upset when they heard that it would not be coming back again and that Gabe wouldn’t be on television anymore.

Lisa Kelly of Ice Road Truckers went to her Facebook page to share the news about Gabe. She simply shared a link to the article along with the comment “Its been a rough month.” This is very true because it has been a hard time for the reality world lately. As the Inquisitr shared recently, Darrell Ward of Ice Road Truckers died in a plane crash. This was hard on the people on this show, as well as those who were close to him. Ice Road Truckers returned on August 4, featuring Darrell and his trucking partner, Lisa Kelly. Losing someone else she cares about is hard on Lisa.

Hopefully, more information will come out about Gabe Rygaard’s accident and what went down. The fans would be interested to know a few more details, but at this time they simply know that Gabe has passed away and will be greatly missed. He was loved by many and died way too soon.

Peninsula Daily News shared back in April that Gabe Rygaard was trying to do something else with his career. At the time, he announced that he would run for Clallam County commissioner. He shared that he had been watching from the distance and had a lot of things that he wanted to change. This story revealed that his wife and business partner, Katy, 41, and him have three children ages 10 to 19. The death of Gabe Rygaard leaves these loved ones behind.

At the time, Gabe Rygaard shared that he is involved in his business, but he could oversee it without being there all the time. With having a lot of people who work for you, it makes it easier not to be there working every single day. He had never run for political office before. He did not advance from the Aug. 2 primary to the general election.

The fans of Ax Men are shocked to hear about the death of Gabe Rygaard. They had always had hopes that the show would come back again for another season, but that didn’t happen.

Did you miss the show Ax Men and want it back for another season? Gabe Rygaard will be missed by his fans. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. At this time, Ax Men is not coming back for another season, but you never know if they will change their mind in the future.

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