Hiphop Rapper Busta Rhymes Falls Off Stage – Suffers Head Injury

Busta Rhymes took a spill at during an O.T. Genasis performance in New York. Busta Rhymes has been unbelievably supportive of Conglomerate artist O.T. Genasis’ surprise hit “CoCo”, but his overwhelming hype may have got the better of him at a recent New York show.

While headbanging to the rapper’s buzzing track at a recent Webster Hall show, Busta fell of stage, hitting his head in the process.

The rapper emerged from the crowd with a gash in his head, and while he seemed to be alright, he did not reappear onstage after his fall.

Thankfully, Bussa Buss took to Twitter later on to reassure fans that he’s in perfectly good health, as well as shout out O.T. Genasis for making a record powerful enough to make him to “bust his ass”

You can read Busta’s tweets and watch footage of his spill below.

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