Hoboken Train Accident, Dozens of Injuries

NJ Transit train crashed into the Hoboken station to the peak height of Thursday morning, leaving piles of bricks and twisted metal as concern grew about the possibility of wounded and dozens injured.

The photos on social networks showed serious harm to the train station and major structural damage to the station damage. At least one of the cars NJ Transit appeared to be partially inside the building, with some of the support beams supporting the canopy where trains come in on loan around.

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear, though the Hoboken police chief told NBC New York there were “mass casualties.” Fire officials said they were investigating the crash as a possible derailment.

Several people who were on the train tweeted they felt “lucky to be alive.”

Passenger Bhagyesh Shah said he boarded the train at Secaucus. He said he normally stands near the window, but stood in the back of the train Thursday.

“The next thing I know, we are plowing through the platform,” Shah said. “It was for a couple seconds, but it felt like an eternity.”

He said the train was crowded, particularly the first two cars, because they make for an easy exit into the Hoboken station and onto the PATH train. Passengers in the second car broke the emergency windows to get out.

“I saw a woman pinned under concrete,” Shah said. “A lot of people were bleeding; one guy was crying.”

Nearby Jersey City Medical Center said it had sent several trauma and emergency units to the scene, which was swarming with and first responders within minutes of the crash.

All PATH service at the Hoboken station is suspended. NJ Transit said service in and out of the station was also shut down.

A commuter train ran right through Hoboken Station in NJ just now. https://t.co/BcizrqRgkL pic.twitter.com/kP1KTIbdeh

Following the #Hoboken train crash this AM. Every medic, cop & firefighter is here. MANY injuries. pic.twitter.com/YyrfinYfHo

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