Houston Rapper, Hefe Wine, The Man In The Alleged Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Is Looking To Cut A Deal (Video)

More details have come out about the mysterious Iggy Azalea sex tape. The Houston rapper who goes by Hefe Wine has come forward and said he is the man in the tape.

Hefe has also stated that not only was Iggy of age when the tape was made, but she was also fully aware that the pair was making a sex tape when it was shot. This, of course, flies in the face of Iggy’s comments that we reported on earlier today.

Though, Hefe says he is not the one shopping to the tape to the likes of Vivid Entertainment. The rapper claims that his hard-drive, which had the tape on it, was stolen a number of months ago. Sounds fishy, but I’ll bite.

Anyway, Hefe says he is totally open to making a deal that would allow for the video to be released. Naturally, he wants that Ray J sex tape residual money.

But, unless Iggy signs off on it, this thing is destined to die unseen. And let’s face it, Iggy has very little to gain from the tape whereas a small time rapper like Hefe Wine could benefit a whole lot from its release.

Above, you can see Hefe talking to the guys at TMZ Live about the whole situation.

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