Hugh Jackman Share Wolverine 3 Poster, Title Is ‘LOGAN’

When it comes to recognizable and iconic characters of classic comic, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine representations is almost as good as they get. Once all moved from the height difference, Jackman has become a staple of the beloved franchise X-Men on the screen.

However, as they say, all good things must come to an end. The first superhero film through the door next year will be the third film of Jackman as Wolverine solo, and overall final appearance. The title has so far been simply Wolverine 3, but that was just the placeholder for the actual title.

There has been speculation and actual reports that pointed towards the actual title shying away from including the Wolverine name at all, with X-23, Weapon X, or Old Man Logan all being considered possibilities. None of those options turn out to be correct, with the official title for Jackman’s last go around as Wolverine having now been revealed.

Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold have each taken to social media to reveal the first poster and title for the film, which will simply be titled Logan. Mangold shared an official poster that is below, but the promotional campaign is kicking off already with Jackman sharing an image of the poster covering the side of a building.

The release of the title and poster now, in combination with a recently-revealed page of the script, should start to indicate that Fox is now ready to start promoting the film. There has not been much buzz for the film to this point and with Logan being just under 5 months away from hitting theaters, they need to start getting people excited for the movie.

The decision to not use “Wolverine” in the title is a surprising and interesting movie. Marketing-wise, everyone knows that a movie with Wolverine in the title is about, but Logan is a simply a regular name. When paired with the adamantium claws, audiences will be able to figure it out, but the Wolverine name would seem to carry more weight.

This could be an indication that this is more a story about Logan as a man and not as a hero. The movie is set in the future, so he could be similar to Obi-Wan in A New Hope where he has not heard that name for some time. Even if he does not go by Wolverine anymore, fans can still expect a heavy dose of action with the R-rating the film is set to have.

The final thing to note from the poster alone is the inclusion of a small hand, indicating the presence of a child. Set photos have spotted Logan and a young girl together, which has led to speculation that X-23 could be getting introduced in this film as a young kid.

It was recently confirmed that Mister Sinister will indeed be the main villain and will certainly play into the inclusion of X-23 and another trip to Weapon X. How all of these elements come together for Jackman’s final fight remains to be seen, but the poster could be an indicator of more marketing, and potentially footage, being released soon.

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