Incredible Body Art Illusions By Trina Merry

Trina Merry, a San Francisco based talented body-painting artist, will prove to you that one of the best, most beautiful and most dynamic artistic canvases in the world is the human body. Her “Human Motorcycle Project” is only the latest of many works by Merry.

Her images make clever use of the human bodies hiding underneath the paint. In one image, a model’s sensual contours give the image an alluring mystique, while in another, the posing models’ tensed muscles lend the resulting image their raw power. Her recent “Human Motorcycle Project” is an excellent example of this dynamism, but it can be seen in all of her work.

Merry sometimes photographs her work herself, but often works with other photographers as well, because the illusion is best when viewed from a certain angle and under certain lighting. Her images can feature anywhere from one model to 17 or even more. She also isn’t afraid of employing diverse artistic style – although she seems to have a preference for automobiles and motorcycles, she has also worked with abstract motifs as well.

Check out more of Merry’s work here

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