Israeli Actress Gal Gadot in Talks to Star in Ben-Hur Remake

Israeli actress Gal Gadot is in negotiations to take on the female lead role in the remake of the 1959 classic Ben-Hur, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

If the deal is finalized Gadot will play Esther, a slave and Ben-Hur’s love interest. Actor Jack Huston will star as the Jewish prince who is betrayed into slavery by his childhood friend Messala, played by Toby Kebbell. Ben-Hur fights for his freedom and vengeance with the help of Morgan Freeman’s character, who trains Ben-Hur how to win at chariot-racing.

Paramount and MGM’s retelling of the tale will film in Europe early next year and is set for a February 2016 release date, The Hollywood Reporter said. The film is both a remake of the Charlton Heston-starring movie, which won 11 Oscars, and an adaptation of the 1880 Lew Wallace novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Keith Clarke wrote the script for the remake with a rewrite by John Ridley.

Gadot has a number of projects in the works including the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which she will play Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. also announced plans for Gadot to star in a Wonder Woman spin-off movie, set for release in 2017. The Israeli beauty also appears in Justice League Part One, also set for 2017.

Gadot recently wrapped filming Triple Nine with Kate Winslet and Criminal with Ryan Reynolds, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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