LEAK: Game Of Thrones Season 7 Plot Details On Reddit

Not since the final season of The Sopranos have people been anxiously asking themselves, “will he/she make it out alive?” But with the confirmation that Game of Thrones is heading toward a conclusion – with 13 hours which are spread out on abbreviated season’s 7 and 8 – the uneasiness about character fates are once again in the cultural consciousness.

There are potential huge spoilers circulating at this very moment as to key elements/moments that will take place during season’s 7 and 8 – even though the source material from George R. R. Martin doesn’t even exist yet.

We do know that Martin has provided insight to creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss as it relates to his intended finale.

This lends itself to the possibility that these spoilers could indeed be true should the Internet sleuth have a pipeline into either Martin’s writing process or the HBO show and the scripts which have been written.

A Reddit user, awayforthelads, who has since deleted his account, provided a number of allegations that some portals are reporting as reputable – or at least newsworthy.

For those wanting to spoil the fun, have at it.

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