Local Artist Aleksey Vaynshteyn Paints Pictures Of Food, Donates Profits To Feed The Hungry

Local artist Aleksey Vaynshteyn announced a new project for 2015 called “Will Paint For Food”. Aleksey plans to paint pictures of food every day and offer them up for sale through his blog. The profit from every sale will be donated to northern New Jersey food banks and Feeding America. With this project Aleksey hopes to make a difference for the millions of Americans who go hungry every day.

A husband and father of two girls, Aleksey got the inspiration for “Will Paint For Food” over the holiday break from his job in advertising. After doing a painting per day for over two weeks, he wanted to give more meaning to his work. In his own words “I want to know that my paintings have great homes, with people who care about the world. In the end, everybody wins – you get a beautiful painting, the hungry get meals, and I know that my art has a great purpose.”

Daily painting is the discipline of creating small, quick paintings every day. It was pioneered by Duane Keiser in 2004 and has since been adopted by hundreds of artist around the world. Committing to doing a new painting every day pushes the artist to experiment with techniques and subject matter. It also yields a lot of paintings, which Aleksey hopes will make a difference in the world. Tijuana Flats: Tex Mex Food

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