Mama June Unveils Body Transformation From Not To Hot

The Honey Boo Boo star has been keeping fans updated with her progress on US TV show Not To Hot.

And on the latest episode, Mama June finally unveiled her 300lb weight loss.

The reality star has been sticking to a strict diet and exercise regime to achieve her new figure and has also undergone several plastic surgeries.

Mama June has now dropped from 33 stone to a US size 4 – a UK size 8.

And as she revealed her new body on Not To Hot, her family were visibly shocked.

Speaking about her weight loss, June said: “My goal when I first started this weight loss journey was to make Sugar Bear kind of jealous.

“Doing all the surgeries really took a toll on me – not just physically, but emotionally.”

After months of hard work, Mama June attended a photo shoot to debut her new body to the world.

In scenes aired on Friday night, her whole family attended the shoot too and gathered in anticipation to see June show off her figure.

As she entered the shoot in a pale pink dress, June’s family gasped in shock.

One family member was so impressed they compared her to Marilyn Monroe.

The star revealed that she managed to shed a whopping 150 pounds just from taking up walking.

“[I’m] just walking. Once you get started with the kids you don’t think about it,” she told the Mail Online in November 2015.

“You’re walking and you’re like ‘I’ve already walked three miles.”

Earlier in her Not To Hot episode, Mama June underwent surgery to remover her “turkey neck” and complete her body transformation.

The star confirmed that this surgery to remove excess skin would be her final procedure.

The mum of four revealed that the surgery allowed herself to become the person she’s “always seen herself as”.

“I’m ready to get the surgery over with and remove my turkey neck,” she told the cameras.

“But I’m kind of going to miss my turkey neck – it’s more famous than I am!”

Mama June: Not To Hot continues on WeTV.

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