Martin Tyler Commentary During Liverpool Vs Man United

Martin Tyler is generally viewed as the best reporter in the business.

The 71-year-old has given numerous significant minutes amid famous profession with Sky Sports, yet gives off an impression of being quickly losing fans among the Liverpool devoted.

Reds’ supporters were furious with Tyler for his editorial amid Chelsea v Liverpool a month ago, and they were left seething at the end of the day for his response to Philippe Coutinho’s shot against Manchester United’s David de Gea on Monday night.

The Brazilian practically nestled into Goal of the Month contender however was denied a well known objective by United’s reality class Spanish shot-plug.

Notwithstanding, you wouldn’t have gotten it was the best snapshot of the match by Tyler’s quieted analysis.

“Ah, well,” Tyler, who perhaps was on the verge of falling asleep up in the gantry, said.

The past 70 minutes up until that point had, all things considered, been dull without a doubt.

Sky has developed this apparatus amid the universal break yet it ended up being a horrendous scene – especially for the neutrals.

Here’s the manner by which Liverpool fans responded to Martin Tyler’s editorial…

@LiverpoolLegacy @Sonjahaha you can hear when he stops commentating when Couts getsin space, he knows it’s coming ? #MartinTylerisaTwit

@LiverpoolLegacy I couldn’t even hear him say it

@LiverpoolLegacy joke of a commentator, needs to retire?

Now over to Martin Tyler, who will be calling this game while wearing a red morph suit, and the usual Anthony Martial mask.


The Liverpool fan who took a diminish perspective of Tyler’s editorial for Coutinho’s shot then demonstrated to us how the Sky man responded for Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s frustrating header.

Unbelievable when you compare these together

Does Martin Tyler have something against Liverpool – or are the fans being somewhat distrustful? Have your say by leaving a remark underneath.

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