Melania Trump Decided To File For Divorce Soon

Melania Trump could soon divorce Donald Trump After bombshell tape in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women and cheating on his then-pregnant wife.

At least, if it becomes to internet for advice it will be.

Late on Friday afternoon, the Washington Post published an audio tape recorded in 2005 which showed Donald Trump and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush engaged in some demeaning jokes regarding women.

In the audio – which was recorded only a few months after Donald and Melania they were married and when Melania was pregnant with her son – Trump boasted search of married women and aggressively goes after the woman he found attractive.

“I automatically attract beautiful women [] I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Only kiss. Not even wait. And when you’re a star that allow you to do. You can do anything … grab them by p *** y. you can do anything. “

Donald Trump Melania reference to be heard in the video, saying he went to hug a woman who had Melania “he said it was fine.”

“Melania said this was ok”

No @realDonaldTrump kissing and grabbing woman, just b/c you get away with it, is #sexualAssault #TrumpTapes

The consequences were immediate for Donald Trump. A number of Republican supporters condemned, with some withdrawing its previous support. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was scheduled to appear with Trump at a big event on Saturday, announced that he would not be appearing.

And while Melania Trump has remained silent on the subject so far, many people are encouraging their divorce publicly Donald.

No man or woman with a sense of decency should vote for DT. He’s disgusting. Does Melania file for divorce now or when he loses? #TrumpTapes

I hope Melania can use these in Divorce court #TrumpTapes

And there are other rumors surrounding Melania Trump apart from the legion of fans of his urging the divorce Donald. A separate report alleging that spread Melania, who has been silent after his controversial appearance at the Republican National Convention, had spoken publicly to support her husband’s opponent.

A website called free wooden post said that Melania was not supporting Hillary Clinton.

“I have come to you because of its accuracy in reporting,” she was quoted by the media. “You’re going to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s as simple as this.

After listening to my husband make those comments about sexually assaulting other women without their permission, I simply can not stand by and support him for president longer.

You may still have to put up with it, but the United States should not have to. That is why I am announcing my support for Hillary Clinton. If true. I’m with her.”

But as Snopes said – and it was probably clear to anyone reading the quote from near or took a close look at the place – the entire story was a fabrication and the site is parody style onion.

There are other reports that drag Melania in the mess he had created Donald Trump with his scandal tapes. Washington Post reporter Alyssa Rosenberg Melania used as an example of the hypocrisy of the right-wingers who tried to blame Hillary Clinton for past infidelity of her husband, but seems to be taking a Melania pass.

“The message is clear, if contradictory. Frías wives give their husbands happens. Bad wives can not restrict her husband’s wandering hands and other body parts, but also recognize immediately their husbands are cheating, and … what ? I’ve never been clear on this part of the equation. they are cheated-upon supposed to stop talking about it so that their husbands can have their fun? Get out of the way without fighting so their husbands can marry someone else young and hotter and, in turn be discarded for someone else? cast some kind of magic the country so forget their own stocks, and their husbands cheating can move forward as models of virtue? “

There is also evidence yet that Melania Trump may be considering divorce because he has not spoken publicly about Trump tapes released Friday. But if she goes to the Internet for advice, which can be the result.

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