Mexican Artist Kimbal Shows How Batman Would Look As A Mayan Vampire Bat God

Thanks to Mexican artist Kimbal, we now know what Batman would look like if he was really a mythological Mayan bat god. To commemorate Batman’s 75th anniversary, Kimbal, together with 29 other artists, was given a plain white bust of Batman by Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design, and invited to work his magic on it. He promptly covered it in ornate Maya-inspired art, armor, fangs and all.

On his Behance page, Kimbal explained that the Mayan bat god Camazotz served as the inspiration for his version of Batman. The deity’s name means “death bat” in K’iche’, a Mayan language of Guatemala. In Mesoamerica, the bat is associated with the night, death, darkness, the underworld, sacrifice, and all that bleak stuff. Hmm, sounds like the Batman we know. So, what would all his enemies have looked like?






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