NBA legend and Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson Wants to Legalize Weed in Ohio

NBA legend and Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson is part of a group of investors who are pushing to legalize marijuana in the state of Ohio.

Robertson, who is now 76 years old, says he became part of the group because he’s a big supporter of the medical benefits marijuana can have. He’s also got some Ohio connections, since he played for the University of Cincinnati during the 1950s.

Here’s what Robertson said in a statement he released, via the AP:
It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t help someone suffering from cancer or another debilitating medical condition — I know from personal experience.

That “personal experience” he’s talking about refers to Robertson’s fight with the prostate cancer he was diagnosed with a few years ago.

“The campaign is honored to have such well-respected businesswomen and men, as well as patient advocates supporting our effort to offer a common-sense solution to Ohio’s failed drug policies,” said ResponsibleOhio’s Executive Director Ian James in a release.

The measure, which the group hopes to have on the ballot by fall, would make weed legal for personal and medical use for those over 21 years of age. More importantly, it will finally allow Ohioans to inquire, “You got that good Robertson?” and, “Where can I get that Big O?” when on their noble quests for the stick-icky.

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