Padma Lakshmi Share Lingerie Photo On Instagram

She may eat for a living, but she must have hollow legs as she is looking trim, toned and terrific.

Padma Lakshmi declared moms are sexy too in a sexy lingerie snap on Thursday.

The 46-year-old wowed in a late night Instagram photo wearing just her underwear.

In the picture, the Top Chef star is posed up in her bathroom wearing high-waisted booty panties with a black lacy balconette bra.

Having a little laugh at herself while also tackling any critics that might come up, the star told fans not to hate here.

The Top Chef star also reminded the world that mothers are multifaceted humans – and sexy ones at that.

She captioned the sexy snap: ‘Don’t hate because I’m in lingerie. Moms do that sometimes.’

But she need not worry about people being critical, hundreds of fans commented on Instagram impressed with what they say.

Even model Joan Smalls was blown away by the sexy mama commenting, ‘wow’ on the image.

Many fans were jealous of whoever got to be the photographer, but that lucky person’s identity was not clear from the snap.

While her body suggests she never leaves the gym, the 46-year-old had more important things to do on Thursday.

Padma is, of course, a mom of one and spent the day with her daughter Krishna Thea.

While her sexy underwear may have been on underneath, the host did not dress to impress as much for their school run – nor should she have to.

Padma stepped out in a pair of flared leggings with an Adele concert T-shirt and a zip up jumper and jacket.

Padma and her six-year-old daughter are very close and often pose up for mommy and me pictures.

However, the cookbook author says her daughter does not want to follow in her modelling footsteps – she wants to be a pop star.

Padma told People on Thursday: ‘She’s very clear on what she wants to do. Right now she wants to be a pop star and she has music lessons three out of seven days of the week.

‘I would like her to do what I did, which was finish college before she starts [in show business].

‘I think having an education is very important for a whole host of reasons. I want her to be happy and healthy and do what naturally interests her.

‘I modelled to pay off my college loans. I don’t think she will have that problem.’

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