Photographer Jeff Friesen Uses Lego to Recreate the Works of Street Artist Banksy And It’s Really Cool

Jeff Friesen, a 42-year old photographer from Halifax, Canada has recreated many of Banksy art, the mysterious street artist’s iconic works from the plastic bricks in a project he calls Bricksy.

Highlights include tongue-in-cheek versions of Balloon Girl, Banana Pulp and Bouquet Thrower – all with Jeff’s own funny captions and embellishments.

He said: ‘The work makes an unexpected connection between Banksy’s street art and Lego bricks.
‘There is something compelling about gritty street scenes rendered in clean, modernist Lego bricks.

‘For many Bricksy scenes I hope to give viewers an extended story for Banksy’s work, often infused with sideways humour.

‘The iconic bouquet thrower, for example, is revealed to be throwing flowers to his girlfriend in a tale of forbidden love – she happens to be a police officer.’

Each scene takes Jeff about a day including Lego building and photography. He says he typically takes five or six versions of each scene.

He said: ‘A lot of time is spent looking for Lego parts, as my daughter has access to the same brick collection, which are technically hers.

‘It is challenging to make gritty street scenes in clean, modernist Lego bricks, though there is a fun irony to it. I also wanted to do more than a straightforward recreation of Banksy’s work, not always successfully.
‘For example, in The Mother of Anarchy the scene is zoomed out from Banksy’s original and includes the surrounding trashed buildings and riot police.’

‘I think of Banksy as a culture-shifting phenomenon…not just for his artwork but for his wit and his toying with the art world. Even his critics cannot deny a before-Banksy and after-Banksy moment.’

Keep It Real

Banksy caveman fast food

Banksy Divers

Royal Guard Grafitti

Banana Pulp Fiction


Laugh Now But We're In Charge

The Mother of Anarchy

Maid in London

Fridge Kite

Banksy Haring Dog

Tightrope Rat

Kissing Coppers

Hanging Man

Banksy Crayon House

Banksy Crayon House

Banksy Balloon Girl

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