Rihanna Set to Record a Song with Chris Brown and Drake Together

Drake recently joked that he could have held onto Rihanna if he had some smooth dance moves like love rival Chris.

During his concert in Texas, the Take Care rapper said: “Man, I shoulda brought that sh*t out earlier. Maybe I coulda made that sh*t work with Rihanna a little better.” A source close to Rihanna has said that she would be open to hitting the studio with both of them.

“You know for Rihanna, music is the one thread that bonds people together, she says,” they told HollywoodLife.com

“I don’t know what she’d be doing if it were not for making music. She loves her work so much and is inspired by music that I think she would record with Drake and or Chris or maybe even both together. It would have to be the right time though. Timing is everything.”

Rihanna, who was spotted in New York earlier today, has worked with both stars despite their splits.

In 2012, Rihanna laid down vocals for Chris’ track ‘Birthday Cake’ despite their violent break-up in 2009. She’s also worked with Drizzy on his tracks ‘Take Care’ and ‘What’s My Name’.

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