Ryan Lawrie Out From X Factor After Honey G Is Beat Her

Yes, Honey G has beaten Ryan Lawrie in the X Factor sing-off after all judges apart from Nicole chose the controversial rapper to stay in the competition.

And Twitter is NOT HAPPY.

Honey G, who performed a Missy Elliott mash-up that Simon Cowell dubbed bizarre, has been this year’s talking point.

Many thought she was a spoof act, she’s admitted to a history of drug-taking and has been accused of including a racially-offensive word in one of her raps.

But, love her or hate her, it looks like Honey G is here to stay.

Unfortunately, most people are choosing the later. There was an absolute Twit-storm after Louis announced he was saving Honey, many people calling the show out as a fix.

One user branded the show a ‘farce’ after the result.

@SimonCowell you your judges have really lost the plot,What a Farce of a show #XFactor #HoneyShit #Talentless #HoneyG

And others branded her arrogant and rude for not giving Ryan a nice little consolation cuddle afterwards. C’mon though, is that what KANYE would do?

How ignorant of Honey G not even a hug or anything for Ryan #rude #HoneyG #XFactor

So, we have to ask ourselves AGAIN if Honey G could actually win this year’s competition?

It’s been a year of shocks after all. Hashtag Brexit. Hashtag Trump.

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