The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Dr. Linus Creel

This week the Black list opens up on a woman in the middle of a busy street. She looks upset, stressed and overall not very good. They even treat us to a hyper slow down of her heart and breathing, overall not great. Then she is in the bank and it looks like she is being foreclosed on and she is saying they can’t kick her out but the guy doesn’t care. He doesn’t care at all. Back in her car the woman is sweating and sees a sign on the bank that says we make dreams come true. She goes into her glove box and takes out a gun, then marches back to the bank. All the while a strange man is watching her. Once in the bank she opens fire on the man who was kicking her out, then there is chaos and the strange man records a quote about something being successful.

Back in somewhere Red is with his former Wife and having an argument. She is not going to go and start over again somewhere else. He wants to see Jennifer, her Daughter we can assume also Red’s. She is happy with her new Husband and loves him, he makes her happy. Red tells her that the arrangements have been made a new life, passports all of it and that if she loves him she will let him help. Elizabeth is on the phone trying to find out where he is with Naomi, meanwhile he tells her about the housewife who killed a bank manager and that there have been 7 other such killings lately. He thinks that there is an underground social physiology project going on and tells her to strap on her tin hat.

Elizabeth doesn’t seem to fully agree with him, but she brings it up to the team and they decide to interview the shooters and their families. Elizabeth also asks to have Naomi and Frank’s phone records pulled without a warrant some coy speak going on there. Then she goes to talk to the housewife shooter who she is denied access to. While she is talking to her Doctor you hear her life completely fell apart. With interviews being done by others the other shooters also had the same thing. All of the shooters also had the extreme warrior gene and they were turned into killers. While another one goes on the freeway shooting as well.

Elizabeth goes to have a talk with the Director and she gets honesty. That everything Red says was true. That this was just one project being done and the country has done others experiments. The name of the project is Subproject 7 with a goal to use genetic genes such as the warrior gene to trigger assets. When they go to, speak to a Senator they get political back speak. When Elizabeth pushes about getting records about this project he says of course, all documents will be given, but it is said with that way you know something is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Frank are talking and Frank thought they had agreed that they would not run. She had to tell him the truth about the relationship and Frank says that he is not going anywhere. Frank insists that they don’t need his protection and she is not going anywhere.

Elizabeth in the meantime gets all the files and every single one of them is redacted. There is however a man that our new agent knows about who can break any code and look into any redacted file. The problem is Red and he had a falling out at a casino. Cue Elizabeth and Red shows up at a guy’s house and having the door slammed in their faces. There is some talk and it seems there was a great big loss involved and then Red brings out a big bag of money. Elizabeth is playing a miss Watkins, who research things and they get taken into his office which is V2K shielded. He brings out the same paper she has and the big difference is that it is not redacted. Then they get a Doctors face and it is our Doctor so they have someone to track down.

Meanwhile, there is a woman on the phone and she says “No Frank you said you were leaving your Wife either you tell her about us or I will.” and then we see Pee Wee..I mean Red’s man and he is flipping out about the woman’s dog and how she left the dog inside all day. It is really rather funny then he makes her sit down and the dog too. Back in the woods Naomi is sound asleep and Red takes Frank for a walk and has a talk about Naomi. When a car pulls up the dog from the woman’s house who turns out to be Monica comes out. Frank has some issues accepting and worrying about Monica. Red says Monica is okay when Frank has a fit and says no Red breaks a stick and is going to kill Frank with it and says you make her happy that is the only reason you are still here. Then the stick gets tossed and Red chuckles and says city dog.

While our crazy Doctor is getting ready to set another one off a crazy boy named Duncan. They get an in with Elizabeth goes under cover and pretending to be a woman named Angela who has some serious issues. She uses Toms name and goes on about what she would do to him how she would force him to tell her things. You can tell part of it is very true and very much how she feels, the best cover is often truth.

Back in the woods Frank says they can’t go back while Naomi is fawning over the dog. Naomi blames Red which we know is true, but Frank of course does not fess up smart Frank. Frank says that this is about doing what is best for us and for Naomi. It would be a sweet moment if we didn’t know Frank was a liar, a cheating jerk face. Once the Doctor goes to do something in regard to the paperwork Elizabeth accesses his computer and gets a password so she can get into it she uses his prescription pad to do so. When the guy comes back in he notices his bag has been messed with. He also sees she has taken some prescription paper is gone and he says he knows why she is there and calls her a junkie. Apparently this only interests him more and when Elizabeth comes out the team thinks she didn’t get the password but of course she did.

Meanwhile, Duncan is going postal because Amber his online girlfriend dumped him. We can be pretty sure that she isn’t real and the team is working on the Doctors computer. They find Duncan is the only one who has not killed anyone yet and head off after him. While the crazy Doctor is at a senate forum and he of course goes on about his speech. Duncan is on his way to the lobby area and is ready to open up fire on Amber. After the senator has shot down Doctor crazy, he runs into Duncan outside and fesses up that he was Amber and that Duncan should go ahead and shoot him. The team runs in and works on talking Duncan down. Duncan shoots, but he gets taken down so it ends up being a leg shock and the crazy Doctor takes Elizabeth with a gun. Just as the Doctor is about to reveal her test results there is a sniper shot that kills him.

Elizabeth gets a lead to where Naomi is being held and she shows up at the house to speak with Naomi. The two women talk while Red comes in on part of the conversation, not making himself known right away. Naomi tells Elizabeth that Red is using her and it is a manipulation and that Red is not who Elizabeth thinks she is. That is when Red comes in and sends Naomi and Frank off to their new life. He is also clearly not amused with Elizabeth. The last shot of the show is Elizabeth with a set of keys that unlock a dirty looking door with a lock on it or at least we can assume they do.

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