Stephanie Pratt Kissing Joey Essex In Pool

They have signed to date celebrity agency in an attempt to find ordinary couple.

But Stephanie Pratt and Joey Essex only have eyes for each other, if the next episode of celebrities Go appointments is to be believed.

The Made In Chelsea beauty and old favorite TOWIE Joey made to the most unlikely pairings – but it seems that the couple is actually a match made in heaven.

In a brief summary for an upcoming episode of the series of E4, the lovebirds can be seen on a date steam in a pool, looking quite happy, since Canoodle.

Steph says dating expert, ‘They’re going to be so angry, “as Joey smiles at her, all eyes sticky.

The couple then lock lips, lost in the moment as they share a passionate kiss in the water.

The clip, aired episode this Wednesday morning, was introduced by the showbiz correspondent Rylan Clark, who claimed to have insider knowledge of their romance.

I taunting the couple is officially an item, Rylan said: “I will not say anything, I feel like I have a little insider knowledge.

“We thought it was a little sexual chemistry between them when they were on the couch last week! ‘

This comes when they said the couple had managed so well in the program are making plans for a future together.

A source told the Daily Star: “Joey and Steph have been inseparable all week and have not been able to keep their hands off each other.

Joey has been staying at home over Chelsea Steph. They are already making plans for Christmas and talking about meeting the family of each ‘.

Last week, the pair certainly raised eyebrows with a joint appearance flirtatious This morning, leading many viewers to believe that the stars have found, in fact, love each other.

After his interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Twitter exploded with comments as a spectator said: “The sexual tension between them this morning is crazy ‘, while another viewer said there was’ much chemistry’.

As the duo appeared on the program to discuss the E4 program, where celebrities go on different dates with members of the public to seek love, Joey revealed that he and Stephanie had been on a date and had even bought the ancient hills A dog fancy.

He explained: “Well, we’ve been on a date … I’ve bought a puppy is a little puppy named Charlie do not know (why I did) I just thought I’d buy one We are going on a date ‘….

Before the appearance on television during the day, sources said the duo, who attended Awards TV Tuesday night together, were getting ever closer during the filming of the series, Joey express’ how much imagines’.

It seems with the spectators, hosts Holly and Phil were convinced the couple were a couple, when the fox silver hair said, “You who looked like they were quite together by what happened a spark away from leaving with the public”

As the interview drew to a close, users of Twitter exploded with comments about the behavior of the duo, as the fans came to the conclusion that the couple was leaving for good.

A lewd commentator exclaimed: “Is Steph Pratt s *** ging Joey Essex because sexual tension between them in this morning madddd ‘.

More tweeters shared: “What great fun @thismorning @JoeyEssex_ can not hide that chemistry is as bait @stephaniepratt u look almost equally suited …

‘Let @Schofe there defo something between @stephaniepratt and @JoeyEssex_ @ITV I think it’s great if you are …

“There is definitely something between @stephaniepratt and @JoeyEssex_. Both the chemistry between them this morning … Anyone else seeing this morning? The flirtation between Joey Essex and Stephanie Pratt was amazing! They are defo together!

“There must be something to do with @stephaniepratt and @JoeyEssex_ @JoeyEssex_ #thismorning … that girl is so in2 and are coming Soo !! It looks so infatuated !! It’s very nice 2 c !! She is clearly IN2 2! xx

‘@thismorning Omg! @JoeyEssex_ I was a little touchy / feely there! … Yes so the two are definitely makes no pants dance #ThisMorning #Steph #JoeyEssex … Go bless you both so cute together @JoeyEssex_ @stephaniepratt I think we all know what’s going @hollywills @Schofe ( sic) “.

Just to add fuel to the fire, Celebs Go dating co-star Charlotte Crosby duo hinted at a relationship between the couple.

In an interview with Heat magazine, she wrote: “I think Joey is really in it, but Steph seems to be playing his cards close to his chest She’s, like, his ideal girl, but she has her guard and. It does not give much away.

“From the outside looking in, I would say that Joey is hurt, but I’m not so sure about it. I hope that will not break his heart. ‘

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