Talented Makeup Artist, Wig Maker And and Costumer Elvis Schmoulianoff Makes Astounding Optical Illusions With Body Art

Brilliantly talented makeup artist, wig maker, and Costumer Elvis Schmoulianoff works include a charming stop-motion animation titled Painted, celebrates the transformative power of disguise; operating as a character within a visual narrative, her body paint takes on a life of its own, overtaking and doing delightful mischief to the human form.

Schmoulianoff’s possesses a astounding level of visual trickery that is very sophisticated but maintains a childlike sense of experimentation; her abstract, brightly colored shapes are seen in tension with the curvatures of the body, blurring the borders between model and medium.

In some of her images, a Cubist-inspired oversized eye is overlaid on a closed eyelid, and the face is split down the middle, morphing in such a way that contains multiple perspectives: the full face, the profile, and even the layer beneath the skin.

The artist’s expert shapes often serve to flatten the human subject, who camouflages with painted backgrounds; like a clever game of hide-and-seek, viewers are invited to discover the body within a surreal landscape.

Schmoulianoff is an avid animal rights supporter, and all her works are make from cruelty-free products.

Check out her website here.

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