VIDEO – T.I. Feat. Chris Brown – Private Show

T.I. and Chris Brown have just released a highly seductive sex-drenched video for their bedroom banger “Private Show,” Tip’s album Paperwork. In the video the rappers kick back as a revolving door of women parade around in next to nothing and pose in provocative positions. Breezy also busts out some fancy footwork, and wait until the end to see the King show off his own moves.

“We wanted to make grown women cream themselves. I think that was the pure, definite intention behind the record,” Tip told Rap-Up TV. “I think that we were both kinda trying to one-up one another: ‘You’re not gonna make a girl cream before me. I’m gonna say something that you didn’t say and it’s gonna make her feel a way that you didn’t make her feel.’ We just kinda continued that volley back and forth and then we had a little ball of inappropriate innuendos at the end of it called ‘Private Show.’”

Checkout the video below:

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