What’s new in Plastic Injection Molding?

The introduction of plastic for industrial purposes has revolutionized the manufacturing processes. Many companies are opting to shift from metal to plastic for the many benefits that come with the usage of plastic in production. As such, the industry of plastic injection molding has also gained a lot of popularity over the years.

Plastic injection molding works by molding resins with the plastic. Along with the resin, various additives are added in the mold to improve the texture and quality of the final output. The process benefits the user by increasing the overall strength of the material, its flexibility, and ensuring the long-lasting of the final product.

The plastic injection molding industry has been relevant for quite some time now. As such, it is bound to have undergone certain advancements in all aspects. Many firms like Q Molding actively practice these advancements. You can find details of their operation by visiting www.qmolding.com.

In this article, we will take a look at some of these advancements that have found its way in plastic injection molding. Each of these enlisted points has been added after conducting proper research in the industry.

The eco-friendly aspects

Plastic injection molding has advanced a lot in the eco-friendly grounds. Scrap from the molding firms is used either for recycling or to generate energy. Additionally, firms have been buying resin in bulk to minimize the waste generated by the encasing cardboard boxes.

There is a special emphasis on the conservation of energy. Molding plants are achieving this by revising their working methods and policies. Measures like installation of motion-activated lighting have also been undertaken.

Furthermore, all the materials being used for the molding process are guaranteed to be non-toxic and non-hazardous. The likes of these materials include lubricants, resins, colorants, etc. The final product needs various quality-based certifications to be labelled fit for public use.

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The technical aspects

Advancements have also been observed on technical grounds. These include the introduction of newer machinery in the industry which increases the molding capabilities of the firm. These machines are generally hybrid and even reduce energy consumption related expenses. Additionally, they guarantee a very efficient working.

Robotic unloaders are being installed by the firms to speed up the production. These installations fasten the unloading and the packaging process. It allows the firms to undertake larger consignments.

Metal to Plastic conversion

Most companies have changed their production from metal to plastic. The molded plastic allows these companies to cut down heavily on the production costs. The conversion allows the products to have better strength, flexibility, and in required cases improved electrical conductivity.

The production also requires lesser time and there is little to no need for secondary operations or tedious finishing. The plastic also makes the final product very lightweight which helps in handling and transportation of the product.


Apart from these, noticeable advancements have been observed in the transportation of the products. This includes offshore transportation as well.

The molding process is seeing the introduction of various new additives which improve the quality of the material further. The industry is expanding and will see several new additions and changes in the upcoming days.


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