This Is How People Are Celebrating Condom Day in Japan!

Today is Condom Day in Japan, coincidentally there are various anniversaries in May that happen to be related to love relationships in one way or another, although some of these special days appear to be slightly odd – apparently you could risk losing your life if you had sex on one of these days

In Japan, there’s some sort of anniversary for some cause almost every day. This is so because Japan has an association that keeps track of all these dates as an official matter, the Japan Anniversary Association.

For a fee of 100,000 yen (US$835), anyone can register their very own special day and have it officially recognized by the association.

That being said, not everyone wants to fork out that sum of money to register an anniversary. In many cases, the dates are registered by companies and organizations for marketing purposes.

Apart from these officially recognized anniversaries, the Japanese observe many other “unofficial” anniversaries for various reasons, but mostly because they’re a punny bunch and enjoy a bit of wordplay on these dates. Besides, life could be more interesting with something to look forward to every day!

– May 6th – Condom Day (Gomu no Hi)

In Japanese, the numbers “5” and “6” can be pronounced as “go” and “mu” respectively, resulting in “gomu” when read together. Gomu may refer to rubber, latex, or a slang term for condoms, but obviously more people would rather celebrate the latter.

And it seems like one of they ways they observe this anniversary is by posting photos of themselves posing with condoms… Checkout the pictures below:




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