10 last-minute moving tips

moving tips

Moving can come at you in a flash! Here we have our top 10 moving tips for moving your business in a hurry.

1. Take 1 hour to plan

hour to plan

That’s all you need to get some of your ducks in a row. Your primary list of worries should be scheduling a mover and contacting a realtor. If damage, such as a fire or a storm, is involved you should also contact your insurance company.

2. Don’t confuse quick for quality

quick for quality

We know that you have little time to get out of your current situation but don’t let it cost you. Use your hour of planning to quickly search and review your queries.

3. Let a realtor do the searching while you’re moving

searching while you're moving

Contact a commercial realtor in the area and give them a quick run-down of your requirements and schedules. This will allow them to hunt down possibilities while you’re taking care of moving.

4. Storage is your friend

Storage is your friend

Consider moving your business into storage for a short period of time–typically until the realtor gets back to you. If you need to be out by the evening, this is your best course of action. Many moving companies offering short-term storage options or have partners who offer it.

5. Let your clients know

clients know

If you offer a service or any sort of situation where your clients depend on your pre-approved timelines, tell them what’s happened. It is not unprofessional to have an emergency. It is unprofessional to avoid transparency with your clientele.

6. Allow the movers to pack for you

By taking yourself out of the mix, you allow the movers to do what they do best–move! They have the experience, the team, and the ability to get your business packed in almost no time. They also have the equipment that you don’t. Before you know it, your business will be on their truck. Get out of their way and talk to the realtor, your employees, or your clients.

7. Take time for you

Take time for you

In the middle of the chaos, take a few minutes to go to a quiet room and just breathe. You’re doing it and you can make this workout. Too often business owners are run ragged during moving preparations and that helps no one. It just ends up starting quarrels or with you missing important appointments. Even if you make it lunchtime, take that half-hour or hour to reset and compose yourself.

8. Talk to your employees

Talk to your employees

They need to know what is going on, why it’s happening, and what to expect in the next few weeks. A sudden move is often not the fault of the employer. Again, if this is an emergency situation, reassure them that the business will be back in full swing soon. Their livelihood depends on your leadership during this speedy move. Give it to them.

9. Let your movers back up important data

important data

This is a newer service within the corporate and business moving model, and it is a very handy one. Instead of racing around trying to back up data, allow your moving service to do it for you. This means that they can move from system to system, backing each up as the prior one is quickly packed and placed on the truck. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

10. Be flexible

Be flexible

This is a last-minute move, and there may not be much available for the things that you need. Rest assured, you will get to where you need to be and in due time. Keep calling, keep searching, and find someone who fits your schedule.

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