10 Tweets That Prove Matt McGorry of “Orange Is the New Black” Is The Man Of Your Dreams

Matt McGorry of Orange is the new black is so adorable. If you happen to follow him on Twitter like I do, you would definitely see he’s the man of your dreams. These tweets explain what i mean. yo know…

1. He was just as excited as you about the new season of OITNB:

2. He can joke about anything, including church:

3. He supported equality for all:

4. He shared what keeps him up at night:

5. He used the word “doodyheads” seriously and owned it

6. His desire for validation on social media matches yours

7. His dad jokes are… such dad jokes

8. He loves cookies as much as you do:

9. He spoke the truth about going to the Apple Store:

10. He jokes about the single life

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