Amber Rose’s Rebound Revealed – Spotted ‘dirty dancing’ with Gene Simmons’ son Nick at Hollywood club

We were all over here thinking Amber Rose was secretly hanging out with Nick Cannon–who she recently hired as her new manager–amidst her divorce from Wiz Khalifa… And while it was Nick she’s been kicking it with, it’s not Cannon!

The 30-year-old mom appears to be cougar-ing it up with 25-year-old Nick Simmons–Yes, Gene Simmons skinny, tall nerdy looking son.

The interesting duo was spotted getting dirty on the dance floor at Playhouse club in Hollywood. Rose, wearing a turtleneck (who the fuck wears a turtleneck to the club?) under a white cardigan with glasses and red lipstick, was seen grinding up on Nick as he played it cool in a leather jacket and let her do all the work.

After their dance, the two left the club together in the same car.

But this isn’t the first time Rose and Simmons have been spotted together since the model separated from her husband of a year. Right after the divorce last week, Rose and Simmons hit a concert together in West Hollywood and caught a late night bite right after.

So it looks like Amber’s new type is tall, rock ‘n roll white guys with big……… feet?

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