What Breed Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Adorable Dog?

Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook that he and his wife Priscilla Chan are expecting a daughter in a few months. He had posted previously that they had been trying to get a kid but she suffered several miscarriages. One thing that caught the attention of everybody was the pictures of their adorable dog. The dog looks like a mop. It’s supposed to look like that. Zuckerberg’s dog is a well-groomed example of a small Hungarian herding dog called a Puli.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Puli was first used by Magyar shepherds a thousand years ago to protect their sheep from wolves and keep their herds in line. But while it’s romantic to think that you could let an ancient dog of the steppes sack out on your couch, the modern Puli is more of a re-creation, developed in the early 20th century after traditional Hungarian shepherds had spent a couple of hundred years cross breeding their dogs with French and German sheepdogs.

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